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  • Top speed on 4G network

    Top speed on 4G network

    Y31L carries a Snapdragon 410 64-bit processor to achieve a top speed on 4G network

    Top speed on 4G network

Gender Specific Beautification
A Camera that Truly Appreciates You

Groundbreaking facial recognition software can identify your gender and complexion and bring out the best in your beautiful self. Intelligent multi-facial modes let you touch up anyone in the shot with a solution tailed to each individual, so everyone can come out looking ready for the spotlight.

Fun Photography

Enjoy smarter photos and unlimited photography fun with Y31Ls powerful algorithms.

Palm Capture

Show your palm to the camera and let your Y31L do the rest. Take breath-taking photos and enjoy the wonders of smart vivo technology.With more fantastic features such as Face Beauty,Panorama,HDR and Watermark mode,Y31L makes every shot fun.

  • Super Screenshots

    Long Screenshot

    Long chat logs making it difficult to share? Don't worry, now you can transform them into a single image via the enhanced vivo long screenshot function, and then share it across all your networks with ease.

Smart Wake 2.0, Smart Fun

A single fingertip lets you totally control your phone from a locked screen. Swipe patterns call up functions on command-such as your camera, music, browsers, social media, and more. Dazzle and delight with a mere magical touch!

Smart Click

You press volume "down" when , Y31L will read your thought and
open the function and app you want.
Customized, smooth and personal experience, only for you.

Android 5.1

Based on the renowned Android 5.1 OS, the vivo Y31L enjoys top-level speed, unwavering app execution, and a battery life that keeps everything running for a longer time.